Dr. Lokesh Maan is a highly skilled bronchoscopist, with expertise in conducting over 4000 procedures. He regularly performs airway interventions, including Foreign Body removal, tracheal-bronchial stenting, to address various medical conditions like Tracheal Fistula, cancer in chest, airways tumor. These interventions are crucial in treating different indications related to the airways. Additionally, Dr. Maan conducts diagnostic bronchoscopies for conditions such as unknown tumors/ lesions in chest, bleeding in cough, pneumonia, TB and more. His proficiency in this field ensures accurate and effective diagnoses, providing patients with the best possible care for their respiratory health concerns.

A bronchoscopy is a medical procedure during which a narrow tube (a bronchoscope) is inserted through your mouth or nose in order to look inside your large airways. A bronchoscopy may be done to diagnose a condition such as lung cancer, or treat a medical problem such as a foreign object that is lodged in the airways. A bronchoscopy is used to evaluate ling symptoms such as a chronic cancer is suspected after an abnormality is seen on x-ray studies. During a bronchoscopy. We are able to visualize the inside of the airways, and take a biopsy of any areas that appear abnormal, to help diagnose a lung disease or lung cancer.


We perform following procedures: Bronchoalveolar Labage (BAL)Bronchial Washing TBLB (Trans Bronchial Needle Aspiration)TBLB (Trans Bronchial Lung Biopsy)Conventional Endobronchial Biopsy